Dude Jaway, Sr. & Psychedelic Aire

Psychedelic Aire has been creating psychedelic visuals and sounds using a variety of musical instruments, electronics, hardware, and software since Dude, Sr. was first inspired by a Minimoog synthesizer he played in a music store one day back in the '80's.

A few years later he would, "finance [his] a$$ off at insane interest rates," in order to embark on a personal journey of musical exploration. He bought an Ensoniq VFXsd that he could control with his Mac Classic.

Dude, Sr. has since moved on to more somewhat more modern instruments and software, and has improved his credit considerably. J Learn more about his continuing creative journey on the PsycheAire FAQ page.

He's also moved halfway across the country from his birthplace, with a detour to the Southeast along the way, to land in Robie Creek, Boise County, ID.