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Some Psychedelic Visuals...

Here is where you can find various Psychedelic images created throughout time...:)

I've been drawing since I was about 8yrs old. Mostly dragons and super heroes at first. The majority of my artwork from this time period was drawn with pens & markers.

The superheroes were inspired by numerous Marvel characters of the time. Superheroes, Dragons & more Dragons. What, I played D&D a lot!

Occasionally, I drew other stuff. I even wrote a poem. Then, I drew more Dragons! As I grew older, my artwork took a different turn. Slightly more "older teenish." Ahh, HIGHschool. I spent a lot of time working(drawing) on my schoolwork. I'm not sure why my grades sucked? Must have been the orange lockers(very stressful color).

See what influence ROCK MUSIC can have on your soul! About 15yrs old I was introduced to the Grateful Dead.

Eventually, I started using Denaba Canvas on my Macintosh Classic Macintosh Classic to draw clipart (I'll try to convert to modern formats. They're on 3.5" floppies.)

I graduated to Crayola crayons after my wife Peace bought me a box in 1997. I was the artist formerly know as Dominico Francesco Quilici (maiden name)

I'm a computer geek at heart and love technology. I've been using Adobe Photoshop since the beginning (still learning how to use!) Next step, AnimeStudio Pro...Psychedelic Pinterest

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